Dr. Abraham -

Thank you for your email. The girls have enjoyed wearing your product this season and our boys will also be purchasing some for the fall.

I was wanting to ask you, as president of the Soccer Coaches Association if we could find a way to partner our association with you. To be honest, I have tired of waiting for mandated headwear, so we took the initiative this year with the girls. As I said, the boys will also be doing it at our school as well. In any case, I have had several coaches ask me throughout the season about the ForceField headband and I would love to see more teams go the route we did. If there is anything we can do as an association to partner with you via email blasts, a link on our website or whatever else you may suggest, please let me know.

I will get you a team photo along with some individual photos as well.

Thanks again -
C. M.
Soccer Coaches President
Head Coach Boys and Girls Soccer


You are an inspiration to me and the type of coach and leader I would partner with. The players and the parents need to leaders like you.

Our company is going to back you up. Let me know what you would like to do and what you need! We will be at you disposal. Try us and better than that, try me!

Dr. C. J. Abraham

Dr. Abraham,

I cannot remember if I told you that our son wears a ForceField headband also when he walks in his RGO (reciprocating gait orthosis). Perhaps I did, but just to tell you again, Gillette Hospital (St. Paul, Minnesota) fit him for the RGO and set him off to do the impossible (walk for short periods of time despite flaccid paralysis of his lower limbs). I worried about the very distinct possibility that he might lose his balance or get hung up with his walker and fall with his RGO (essentially a brace from his feet to his upper chest with a spring mechanism for walking). If falling backwards, which is what would likely happen, he very likely would strike his head. Especially when we handed him crutches to try sometimes in place of a walker. I do not remember exactly, but I believe it was my concern over this possibility that started me looking on the internet for head protection. I cannot quite remember, but that was very likely how I discovered your website.

I tell you this because perhaps passing along your information to PT or orthotics departments such as those at Gillette (http://www.gillettechildrens.org) would inspire other professionals and parents to use what I think is some pretty nice-looking head protection. My boys have never once objected to using the headbands. I once bought one for our son's orthodontist because she would often talk about her concern for her daughter playing sports ever since she had suffered a concussion playing basketball.

I am sure you have already gone down these paths, but what about all the school athletic departments, health offices, etc.?

It's funny how some things just suddenly catch on. Who is to say why that is? I see absolutely no reason why ForceField headbands shouldn't be every parent's comforting idea--not just mine. Whose to say how many children (and their parents) you have already saved from more serious accidental head injury?

I can promise you this. I am going to pull out your card and/or literature right now and carry it with me in my purse. I will take opportunities to pass out your card when people show an interest. (Perhaps I can quietly leave your card at a few doctors' desks. Heaven knows we see enough doctors).

I will be in touch with the pictures. Thank you.


Hi Dr Abraham,
My daughter has posted photos on her social media accounts of your headbands. She has also created a blog post which you may view here: https://itsemeedy.com/2016/04/22/forcefield-your-much-needed-headband/

Once again, we'd like to thank you. She has been using these headbands and has been encouraging others to try it out. Through your wonderful design, injuries are prevented - and that is crucial to the success of an athlete. :)

I want to thank you so much for making such an impact on my family's lives. Our 3 year old granddaughter has uncontrolled epilepsy and these bands have been a God send! Most of the time she no longer has to wear her bulky full head helmet and wears these instead. Force Field has saved her from extra scars to her face by taking the brunt of the punishment when she has drop seizures and slams her head on a table or wherever she happens to be during a seizure drop.

thank you once again! You have greatly improved our lives and she LOVES wearing them. We have every color...do you have any in pink? thanks!!

3 pink are on the way
Please send a few photos
Dr. C. J. Abraham

Thank you so very much! We have almost every color but pink is her favorite and i hadn't seen any pink or i would have ordered them.

Charlotte was diagnosed at 7 months old with Dravet Syndrome and has a high mortality rate. We usually only have 1 generalized seizure a week but she always has 'atonic seizures' which cause her to loose all muscle tone for a short time and her head drops suddenly without warning. She has scars on her face from slamming her face on items during an atonic seizure.

She has a helmet but it was so intrusive that she didn't wear it often. We had also tried different brands of a padded headband but none were as well padded as the force field plus others had Velcro closure in the back which didn't work well with a 3 year old girl with long hair.

Since using the Force Field there have been times where we were eating and her head slammed down on the table...but she would be wearing her Force Field and it didnt even phase her.

We have told our private epilepsy group on facebook and her mom is sharing it with the Alabama Board of Epilepsy in which she is a board member. She is also sharing the Force Field info with the Epilepsy Foundation of America. This has truly been a Godsend to us and the funny thing is she loves wearing them!!!

I have attached a couple of photos with the red one but will send more later.
Once again, thank you so much for giving this little girl an alternative to a confining helmet.

New Photos with our 3 year old seizure granddaughter who wears her forcefield DAILY!!! She is not able to put them on by herself...she thinks they are 'cool' and they are FAR cooler than a helmet. smile emoticon

Thank you so much!! - 3 year old Charlotte Dalton painting her mom's nails.-

You and all of the other parents and grandparents of children like yours and the other challenged and handicapped children throughout the world who wear our headgear give me an emotional high.

As you know, I do not advertise what Forcefield does. It is my personal cause. We are making a difference in a quite way.

I know that what I am giving back to society has a positive outcome for the children who deserve to be as equal to all of us in their way. Please keep in touch. Your requests will always be satisfied.


Dr. Abraham,

First of all I'd like to say thank you for your work. I'm a big fan. Multiple events, personally and professionally, led to a greater interest in MTBI - not the least of which were the increased incidence in my patients, the increased incidence on teams I coach (now in year 20 with my 6th child) and reading League of Denial, with which I'm sure you're intimately familiar.

My deeper research into this topic led me to your headgear. Three of my 3 of my 5 currently playing children are wearing your Ultra FF. My oldest is now a 24 year old engineer playing in adult leagues and no longer under my roof (or even in my state). The other non-complaint son is a 20 year old college player, a junior, who knows it all and is also, in essence, no longer under my roof. However, I told my other boys who are playing (ages 9, 13 and 18) their choices were to wear the band or not play soccer. All three love the game and are very good at it. 2 of them will also likely play in college if they continue. The 18 year old has decided his collegiate sport will be track (distance runner). The 6th "child" is currently an assistant high school coach whose knee injuries cut her soccer career short.

Two good testimonies. Like nearly every parents, I got push-back from all my kids. As I mentioned, I played parent rather than spineless guardian when push came to shove. But I no longer get push back. Here are two good testimonies you'll appreciate.

My 13 year old just received his Ultra prior to the Regional ODP camp. Parents are discouraged from tagging along on these trips so this is his account. His first game he "forgot" to put it on. There was an 8 minute delay in their first game as an opponent went down with a significant head injury. He went off the field and over to his bag and put it on his Ultra FF. He has only forgotten it once since and he put it on when he was called off for a brief break. Last week I arrived late to our 18 yr old's high school game. He did not have it on. After the game we had a heated discussion. He felt he played better without it. I told him he will not play at all without it and I will be "that parent" next time. I will walk over to the bench and demand the coach pull him (I am a school board director and have known his coach since he was a 9 yr old pediatric patient of mine). He knew better that to assume I was bluffing. Last Saturday we played the #1 team in the state. My thin son went head to head with a stocky mdfielder. Both landed on the ground. The beefy opponent stayed down and missed the rest of the game with a head injury. My son, with his Ultra FF on, popped right up, smiling, without the slightest problem. I don't get push back anymore. Last night he also scored his two goals of the season -- with his headgear on. Apparently the curse has lifted. :)

Today, our club sent an e-mail out to all the coaches and managers highlighting a few risk management issues and reproducing a letter written by Paul Gardner regarding the lack of effort by FIFA to make changes needed to reduce risk of head injuries in youth soccer. In that letter e-mail they also posted our club's site regarding informaition and stated policy on head injuries.

You'll notice that the only headgear that is listed is a competitor of yours. BEFORE I saw this website, I wrote the executive director and director of coaching a very lengthy letter regarding the steps I felt are necessary for our club to take regarding reducing MTBI. That included educating all participants from players and parents to coaches and administrators regarding the signs, symptoms, causes, response and prevention. It included rule changes in our in-house rec leagues that include making headers illegal - especially 4-9 yr olds, but preferably all Rec ages. I advised, better training of all players with encouragement to trap and control, or re-direct with below the neck parts rather than header whenever possible. I asked for mandatory preseason IMPACT testing for ALL club players. Finally, I suggested making protective headgear part of their uniform package for all small sided team (here that goes from u4 to U12) and strongly encourage it for ALL age groups. And I strongly suggested endorsing your product over the others. I cited effectiveness, cost, compliance, and even customization as reasons.

This is the largest soccer club in Indiana. We are literally right next door to the Indy Colts headquarters and have sites in two counties. We have soccer dads that work for them. The multi-cultural club includes a 50:25:25 mix of players from both poor inner city families and wealthy/middle class suburban families. My Caucasian son is a minority on his U-14 team, which was the state cup runner up by overtime PK's. Probably have the kids are on our team are on some financial assistance. There is great potential here for your gear.

I wish you the best.


Dr. Roc A. Byrd, DC

Alan B. Ashare, MD
61 Sherbrook Road
Newton, MA 02458

February 3, 2014

ForceField FF (NA) Ltd.
c/o Dr. C. J. Abraham
3 Baker Hill Road
Great Neck, NY 11023

Dear Dr. Abraham,

I'm a 76 year old physician, and I've been playing soccer in the Massachusetts Over the Hill Soccer League for thirty years. I coached youth soccer for ten years (1981-1990), attaining a C License from USSF. For the past four years, I've been using the ForceField FF Headband. Before that, I used a regular headband to prevent sweat from getting in my eyes, especially during May and June. Switching to the ForceField FF Headband was easy. However, in addition, the ForceField FF Headband helps to decrease the impact force when I hit the ground, or when I head the ball.

I practice at St. Elizabeth's Medical Center of Boston, and have been active in talking to coaches about head and neck injuries for the past twenty five years. While not an elite athlete, I have participated in multiple interscholastic and intercollegiate sports, including tennis, football, and fencing. I know about concussions in football, soccer, and ice hockey. I know about the possibility of concussion in soccer, either from head to head collisions, head to ground contact, head to goalpost contact, or from an inadvertent elbow or knee to the head. I know the value of protective head equipment in soccer.

I have been recommending the FF Headband to all my teammates and to youth coaches. The FF Headband has been shown to decrease the impact forces to the head for young AND old soccer players.

Alan B. Ashare, MD
Physician, St. Elizabeth's Medical Center of Boston

Good Morning Dr. Abraham,

I wanted to let you know that both my Girls Soccer teams are all wearing the Concussion Head Bands that we ordered. I had our local newspaper do a story on us for that reason and I have had many inquiries from schools to purchase them. I have also sent them to your website. Many of our Boys soccer players are now wearing them through a separate order.

I first wanted to thank you for helping with the cost of the headbands. Second, how would you like me to encourage other schools to get in touch with you to possibly order them.

I would love to send you a picture of the team (and maybe a copy of the article) if you would like it. I am very proud of my girls. I plan on contacting the Buffalo News and possible the Buffalo TV stations to do a story on the team and the headbands.

Thanks you for everything you have done.

M. B.
Maple Grove High School

I did a TON of research on headgear and actually another brand came better recommended so I was a bit hesitant but turned out to be great. Does the job of displacing the force of an impact and just looks like a sweatband. Love it.

FOLLOW UP---------I took a bad hit to the ground last week wearing the headband, I was SHOCKED how well this really worked. Exactly how I felt is hard to describe, but it was clear that the impact was displaced. I stood up fast with no symptoms of a head injury (which a hit like that would have normally caused...I have had it happen many times). I am SO SO PLEASED!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could get my entire U14 team to wear them.

My son is 10 and got a soccer concussion last season. Local player had one of these because he had 2 concussions. When I brought up the band, my son said he wanted it, surprising me. He has played a game with it and wants to use it. I'm not sure how much protection is afforded, but it makes him feel better. I'm a vibe and shock engineer. Padding in front an back would help absorb and distribute impact energy. But there is no padding on the sides. And the band has t be positioned at the contact point to make a difference, which seems like random luck. It can't hurt though, and my son feels protected. A second concussion and he is done with soccer, and I'm his coach of 8 years.

My son has these headbands in multiple colors. He has worn them since he had a concussion a couple of years ago. The bands look good, wear well and offer some protection for the head.

This is a great product. We love it. I've ordered several more for team its nice to receive a great product.

Good band for the price. Fit well, nice material, and washes well. My daughter got this for basketball for protection from concussions. The black band has all around padding vs the other colors which do not have as much padding. They do collect sweat with hard playing but just switch out with another. Wash well. Glad we got these. Not much different/bigger than any regular headband but so much better for some extra needed protection!

Low profile and a must for my soccer player who has already had 2 concussions. Washable in machine, we have several.

Trendy looking. Did not have to twist my girls arms to wear them at all.

Compared it to the headbands that my kids previously wore and like the extra cushion. Anything that protects their brain is a good thing and this can only help.

It is comfortable, easy to wash, and keeps the sweat out of your eyes. I can't speak to how well they work, but my daughter has been able to do headers without pain since wearing it.

Nice fit all around, stays put and does help with protecting your head, I like it and will wear it.

M.H. Subject: Headbands in Action

I found your headbands while browsing the internet. I purchased them for my daughters and they wore them without resistance. I have since had parents asking for your website so they can purchase their daughters headbands and I have purchased additional headbands so they have a spare headband. Attached are a few photos if you are interested in using them.

M. H.

Mallory Dr Abraham,

You asked me to send you a picture of the little girl that I called you about with her headband on. She and her mother loved the headbands that you so generously sent to us. Thank you for helping this little girl. As you can see from the picture, she is absolutely adorable and we would like to keep her as safe as possible while allowing her to be as independent as possible. Thank you again for your generous help ... it is truly appreciated. Please also thank your receptionist because she was very wonderful and helpful as well.

With gratitude,
M. H.

Dear Dr. Abraham,

My name is JM from LaCrosse, WI. I emailed you a year or so ago about wanted to get involved with marketing and selling the Forcefield protective head bands.

My good friend Dr. EM, spoke with you about 4 years ago when our daughters were high school freshman. You sent him several headbands to test out. After my daughter received a conclusion in both Volleyball and Soccer, I had enough and searched for a guard that was not bulky, stayed in place, looked good, and of course provided extra safety!! Ultimately, Dr. EM gave me two of your headbands and they worked awesome!!

Currently, I am leading an effort to push for mandatory use of head protection in soccer and want to pursue other sports.

I'm hoping you would have the time to reply and we could see if our interests are aligned in reducing head trauma injuries in youth sports.

Have a super week!
J.M. C.S.P

Dear Rosa,
Just wanted to let you know that I received the ForceField Headband in today's mail and have already tried it out at the ice rink. Looks good on and is comfortable to wear.

Cheers, D.

Dear Dr Abraham:

First of all, thank you for your work in the field of concussions. My daughter was concussed September 2013. While the majority of symptoms have resolved, she still suffers from mild daily headaches. I am grateful that we can have peace of mind while she is wearing the headband.

The reason I am writing is to see if you have brochures that I might be able to share with my daughters soccer teams/ parents/players/coaches. Last season, A total of 5 players on her team sustained concussions. If you have any brochures you could share, please send them to my office address below.

Thanks again for all you do

Dr. Patrick M. Borja, DC

Dr. Borja,

The fact that your daughter continues to suffer from headaches documents the fact that your daughter's brain is far from being cured. Her brain chemistry is not normal and if she receives another brain injury before she is cured from the present one, the result may be permanent. Is it worth the risk?

I am more interested in the safety and welfare of your daughter than your purchase of any of our headgear.

Our brain is the most important organ in our body. Without it, our body is nothing. Think about the quality of life for your daughter in the future. In my opinion, it is not worth the risk.

Our office will send you a few of our new brochures. However, please read my peer reviewed papers. Once you do, you will have a better idea of why I am against using any type of protection with the hope of "staying in the game."

Another manufacturer whose president has no technical or biomechanical engineering background, makes that claim for the sake of selling his headgear. I do not.

I value the brain more than the sale of my products even though they are the #1 provider of protective headgear for soccer in the United States.

Dr. C. J. Abraham

Dr. Abraham,

Thank you so much for the reply. I want you to know that we do not have her playing. Until she is symptom free. I bought the FF to get her used to the idea of wearing it when she gets back in.

Trust me, I am the son of a medical doctor, I was an EMT, and i have a chiropractic office that sees many of our local athletes that suffer from concussions. I don't take it lightly and I'm so glad to hear you stick to your convictions vs money.

I did read your article and also had my daughter read it. The more we can learn the better the treatment and recovery.

Thank you for your concern and your dedication to informing parents, players, coaches and the community about concussions.

If you're ever near the Reading, PA area i would love to meet you. I have patients that want me to do a talk about concussions. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again, best of luck

Dr. Patrick M. Borja, DC

Subject: Serious Injury Avoided!

Just a quick note to say THANK YOU. My U13 son was in a brutal collision last night. They hit so hard that the ref was calling for the coaches before they stopped tumbling on the ground. I hadn't been watching and just happened to turn my gaze back to the field just after they had made initial contact. I saw a black headband go flying and I immediately knew it was my son. I instinctively took a few steps onto the field and waited to see the coaches reaction. It was an incredibly intense hit. But, after just a few minutes, BOTH players got up and walked off the field. I checked in with him and he said that his head was totally fine, but his body was pretty sore! I have absolutely NO doubt that his ForceField headband saved them both from a VERY serious concussion. I've already had a few parents asking about his headband. Hopefully, as more kids wear the headband, the odd-man-out will be the kid who's not wearing one.

Anyway, I wanted to take a minute and drop you a note. Please pass my thanks along to Dr. Abraham. It's important work you are doing. Keep up the good work!
S. C.

Dear Dr. Abraham,

I'm looking forward to receiving the Protective Sweatbands so that I can get my 4 yr old grandson used to wearing them. I ordered one in red and one in blue so that he could decide which to wear, kind of like putting him in charge, to make it more fun to wear. As soon as I can, I will send you a picture of my handsome little L.

L. was born with a severe cleft lip and palate, which also presents other problems for him. Besides speech problems, he has balance issues. If he decides to jump from something, he knows to put his hands out to stop his fall, however, if he is running or playing and trips, he does not try to stop the fall and has struck his forehead several times. Physical therapy has not helped in this area. I was witness to one of the falls last week and it was awful. He ended up with a huge egg on the side of his head, and it apparently happened again two days later. So I was sitting at home, trying to figure out something other than a helmet, which as you know, would really make him stand out amongst the kids. He is the youngest of 4 boys, and plays with all his brothers and friends and keeps up with them pretty well. To all who know L., they feel he is perfectly normal and no one stares at or picks on him. We know his limitations but try not to point out or dwell on them, we just help him to do better and feel good about himself. Ok, now back on track - I was thinking along the lines of a headband type of device to protect him, so I Googled it and there you were!! I could not get the order to go in properly on your website so I called in. The ladies I talked to were so nice and helpful. Well, imagine my surprise when I was waiting for them to get my credit card information, and they said no charge. They stated that you would provide them to the special needs kids. I almost started to cry. That is such a nice thing to do, and so appreciated!!!! I immediately called my daughter K. and told her. She too was shocked and appreciative. We wanted you to know how much your kind gesture means to us and our family, to know that others care so much and understand the needs for these super special kids. Your product looks like what we have been needing and could just be the one thing that can save him from further injury.

Again, thank you so very much.
P. T.

Here are some pictures of my son wearing your headband. By the end of the season, he had become kind of 'famous' for wearing his headband. One of the parents told me it was 'retro cool.' What they didn't realize was that it was not only for keeping sweat out of the eyes, it was protecting too! I love your products. The headbands gave me more comfort, knowing he had that added protection from concussions.


My daughters have been wearing forcefield head gear since last fall and I thought I would send you this link to a photo from our local newspaper that shows your head gear on my oldest who is currently playing high school soccer! The link should send you to the page featuring the photo. http://tinyurl.com/khsu238

Best, N.

Thank you Carl for this follow up. I am getting two of the head bands to try out. I am a big advocate of helmets for girls lacrosse, which my daughter plays and the reason I ordered the two head bands. I am hoping my daughter is open minded to trying them out. I know they are not the end all of end alls, but I hope that they may offer some protection. My older daughter played LAX last season and received two concussions. One from a stick and the other from being pushed and falling on her head. Who knows, your headbands may have had some effect on preventing the severity of the concussion. I am willing to give it a try. I can see how these may help in soccer. Thank you for your creativity. I would love to have the girls and parents, on the team get excited enough where they too would like the head band and we could put in a team order with logo’s.

We will see. Thanks again for reaching out.

D. J.

Dr. Abraham,

I LOVE your headbands. My daughter has been wearing them for three years now. She received a concussion her Freshman year playing basketball. After her injury I looked on line for anything that would help and came across your headbands. She has them in every color, even dyed one to match a uniform. I am a firm believer in them. While wearing the headband, my daughter was taken out on fast break layup with hard push to the back. She went flying out of bounds and crashed into a concrete block wall sideways, banging her head off the wall. I knew then her career was over, for I was just steps away from her and heard her hit. She was taken to the hospital by ambulance and checked out, within no time we were back in the gym to finish watching our last game. Only small signs of a slight concussion, it was amazing. The doctors were shocked when they were told what had happen and how she was acting in the ER. This wasn't the only time the headband has saved her little head, some of her injuries could have been much worse, but I believe it was the headbands that saved her.

I have had a few people that have asked about her headband and went online to check you guys out.

Thank you for all the work you do.
P. D.

Ms. D,
I have been involved in trying to make the life of children around the world safer in many different venues (www.scientificadvisory.com) You can find something in every country throughout the world where I have done something to make a child's life safer.

Your letter and the fact that you even took the time to email me is what satisfies me more than anything I have achieved and whatever success I have experienced to date.

Your letter means more than all of that!!! If one or more children's brains are saved each day we have achieved success.

I am sending your daughter my best design to date as a "very small" thank you.

Please keep me posted as to your daughter's progress. I would also appreciate a few action and posed photos of her for our web site (no names are used).


Dr. Abraham, Thank you for the letter. I am very impressed by this act of customer service. I have purchased this headband for my 16 year old daughter who plays basketball and is a pole vaulter. She recently had hit her head on the gym floor and we are not wanting to risk any more injury. I wish I had known of your product earlier, she would have worn one all season and we may not be worrying about hitting her head again. I am certain once her teammates and parents learn of the product, they also will order.

I work in the athletic dept. of our high school and plan to let athletes know of these bands. Anything we can do to help protect these kids heads is wonderful. I look forward to getting her band in and having her try it.

Thank you again,
C. H.

Hi Luann,

I did get the headband. Thank you for your help and customer service. You really reached out to me and beyond. I am one satisfied customer and I'm spreading the word around to the team's parents. My daughters friend had wore it in the game and everyone liked it. I think one parent is ordering today.


Dr. Abraham,

I am aware that the Force Field is designed for soccer players, but my daughter purchased one for her lacrosse activities and has found it very helpful as well. Women's lacrosse is a non-contact sport like soccer but has many of the same risk factors (no heading though!).

I just wanted to give you the feedback and attach a picutre of her playing at a tournament in Maryland last weekend wearing the Force Field.

Thanks for getting this product to market!
J. K.

Dr. Abraham,

My daughter has worn the headband for about 8 to 10 games now. She has no problem with. She took to it right away. I don’t have a lot of good pictures but I have attached a few.

She wears it during practices and has had it knocked off during practices but never in a game.

D. J.

Hi, I have a 5 yo daughter who plays soccer and I coach her. I was wondering if these bands would fit her or not.

I am a paramedic and my wife is a nurse. We are very concerned about head injuries.
J. S.

A good and intelligent question.

It is a good time to start wearing the headgear and they will know, at an early age, that it is part of their uniform and their brain is a valuable commodity.. One inadvertent hit in the head to a young child can easily a result in a subconcussive brain injury. Asymptomatic and cumulative.

You may call me anytime if you still have more questions.

Well I ordered one for my daughter amd one of my players mother bought 2 for both her kids. Thank you for trying to keep our children safe.
J. S.

I won't let my Don play without it, since he is just getting over a concussion, and he wants back on the field! Thank you so much!

L. C.

Thank you for the message. I know it comes/goes to all those purchasing your product. I purchased them for my grandgirls. I am also going to evaluate them, myself and if they are as great as you attest to I plan to follow up with the day care center that they both attend. If possible I hope to get them on the heads of every child, in the center, then every child in our church school and work from there.

I was introduced to your product by a former neighbor who now lives in Manchester, MO, Tamara Dalton. I am looking forward to seeing them in action.

C. M.

This is my 4th headband, for my grandson. They are great.

Good Morning Doctor Abraham,

It was wonderful having the opportunity to speak with you. I will be purchasing the forcefield for my girls real soon, they play soccer and love it! Maybe after the people see my girls wearing it they will definetely make the investment in their childrens head safety as well. Their first game is this Saturday.

On to school business, if there are any pamplets that you can send me so that I can present it to my boys and girls soccer team at the high school, that would be great! I am really excited at the possibility of offering a tool that can help make all my kids safe.

Thank you for all your hard work and diligence to see this project through.
C. B.

Thank you! I appreciate your considerate email. I look forward to having my kids wearing your headbands.

A. M.

I work for a sporting goods company out of Vermont called Keith's II Sports. We cover all of VT and NH, as well as part of Mass and CT. I ran across your product from a local soccer coach that we do business with. I read through your web site and found your product was better then the Full 90 that we sell now. I think that more athletes would prefer your product because it's not as bulky as the Full 90. I know that our road sales reps and our store front in Rutland, VT would be very interested in selling and offering your product. Any information you could send me would be great. Thank you for your time.

C. C.

Your headbands have become an essential for my athletic career. I play Quidditch and positions are denoted by HEADBAND colors (black, green, yellow, and white). I read about your product on the International Quidditch Association website. I received a concussion five years ago and was nervous to become involved in such a physical sport. I can truly say your product is a lifesaver.

I would also highly recommend you get in touch with the IQA. The organization is always investigating new ways to protect its payers (which range from high school to young adult, but mainly collegiate).

L. R.

Here are some photos of William with the prototype headband. He loves this. The regular cloth covered Force Field is in his bag. This is worn constantly. Thanks for a great product.

Thank you for your message. I appreciate you reaching out.

I had purchased 2 for my daughters several years ago after my oldest daughter had a concussion that occurred at a try out. They both wear them diligently for both soccer and basketball. It has become their 'signature' and everyone knows the girls. They wouldn't think of playing without them. These are actually replacements because they have been so used, they wanted 'fresh new ones'. We love them because they are not cumbersome or large like most other headgear, so we appreciate your invention that is functional and fashion forward!

Thanks again.

It is comfortable, easy to wash, and keeps the sweat out of your eyes. I can't speak to how well they work, but my daughter has been able to do headers without pain since wearing it.


Compared it to the head bands that my kids previously wore and like the extra cushion. Anything that protects their brain is a good thing and this can only help.


I got this for my daughter after she suffered a severe concussion. This provides the needed protection in the right spot when she has to head a ball. The only complaint I have is that it stretches out after so much use but that is expected. She likes it because it isn't bulky and it still protects her. I am now ordering her second one.


I did a TON of research on headgear and actually another brand came better recommended so I was a bit hesitant but turned out to be great. Does the job of displacing the force of an impact and just looks like a sweatband. Love it

FOLLOW UP---------I took a bad hit to the ground last week wearing the headband, I was SHOCKED how well this really worked. Exactly how I felt is hard to describe, but it was clear that the impact was displaced. I stood up fast with no symptoms of a head injury (which a hit like that would have normally caused... I have had it happen many times). I am SO SO PLEASED!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could get my entire U14 team to wear them.


Hello Dr Abraham,

I spoke to you today about receiving my order for the Forcefield Headbands. I have twin daughters who play soccer and now that I have educated myself about concussions they will be wearing your headband at every game. I just emailed a link of your website to our coach and the entire team. My goal is to make wearing the headband mandatory! One of my daughters is also on the Olympic Developmental Team in Maryland, so I will also push for that team to wear them as well!

It was great speaking with you today and hopefully the other parents will jump on board and buy one of your headbands for their daughters. I have attached a picture of my girls wearing the ForceField Headband for you to put on your website.

Best Regards,

Dear Dr. Abraham

Thank you for letting me interview you about concussions. That is where a lot of my information for my inquiry project came from. I really appreciated the time you spent with me on Skype to answer my questions.

Thank you so much for the headbands you gave me. I plan on wearing them a lot. I wear the ForceField FF headbands in all of my soccer and basketball games.


Dr. Abraham,
... We spoke about a month and a half ago. I purchased 18 headbands for my U14G soccer team and have required them to wear it for each game.

Thank you for your time and the girls love the headbands.

DM, Coach

Dr Abraham,
Thank you for the email. My daughter is a freshman and plays for Syracuse women's soccer and because of 2 previous concussions was told that if she didn't wear head gear that she would not be cleared to play for the university.

This past season she wore the total 90 head gear which she found not to her liking. She went as far as to get articles on head gear and doctors notes so she wouldn't have to wear it in games. She asked me to do some research to find headgear that would look and feel better than the full 90. I found your headgear, emailed to her and she said it looked real promising and would try it. The information on the headgear has been given to the head athletic trainer and coach and has been approved for trial. I will keep you up to date on how the product is performing.

Thank you for giving my daughter an alternative to the full 90.
Best regards,

Dear Mr. S,
As you know, there is not one protective headgear in the world that will eliminate concussions. All we can do is significantly reduce the impact forces by absorbing and dissipating them. Most protective headgear do that and also have eliminated sub-dural head injuries as well such as in ice hockey.

We do not make the same claims as Full90 does which are not proven medically or scientifically. We are the only headgear company that publishes their impact data on our web site,

I am, however, more concerned about your daughter. Having two previous concussions is not good for any child whose brain is still developing. A few subconcussive head or body impacts may break the camels's back and she could be severely injured (please see my peer reviewed articles on our web site at: www.forcefieldheadbands.com)

If the doctors gave your daughter a clearance using the ImPACT test then I would question their decision. The threshold of the next level of a possible permanent brain injury is significantly reduced. Remember that "Your Body is Nothing Without a Brain."

Yours truly,
Dr. C. J. Abraham

Good Afternoon Dr. Abraham,

My daughter Katherine has been wearing ForceField FF Sweatbands for the two years she has been playing competitive basketball. As you probably already know, there is a lot of contact in the game of basketball. Players trying to reach the ball often collide and I have seen multiple kids bump heads over the years. Last month at a local game we saw a player fall twice, each time hitting her head on the court. At the end of the game we spoke with her mother and showed her our ForceField FF sweatband. Several weeks later we played her team and saw that she was wearing ForceField. “ Nice sweatband” my daughter said with a smile as they met on the court.

When Katherine first started playing basketball, I required her to wear knee pads. Later I saw a need for a mouth guard and Forcefield FF sweatband. At first she didn’t want to appear different or strange and I had to constantly remind her that she either wears the proper gear or gets off the court. After witnessing many bumped heads, falls and hits over the past two years Katherine now wears her safety gear without hesitation and may be a trendsetter for ForceField FF sweatbands here in Gwinnett County Georgia.

This year Katherine will be on the Georgia Red Storm 13U girls AAU basketball team. We are so impressed by the coaches and staff. These kids work hard at school and sports and with a physical therapist on staff they are introduced to proper stretching and strength training and well as good nutrition. This year they will travel to eight tournaments, Nationals and multiple training camps here in GA and out of state.

Would you consider sponsoring Katherine on the Georgia Red Storm team? I realize you’ve probably been asked this question from multiple kids and parents throughout the years and it is not possible to respond to everyone but Katherine truly is an exceptional student athlete who is a great representative for Forcefield FF sweatbands. As a mom who is balancing a tight household budget I will need to raise funds for Katherine’s participation with the Georgia Red Storm. Attached is a letter explaining a little about the team/organization and a photo of Katherine in her first season of AAU basketball, age 9.

A. F.

Dear Dr. Abraham,
I was searching online to find what was being used in basketball for the protection of children's brains!!!!!!! I found you!!! And maybe you will be happy to find me!

A year ago my granddaughter suffered a severe concussion playing basketball (not her first!). Kayleigh was told by a trainer that she was fine to play the next day ( she was anything but fine!). Kayleigh is now 15, our girl has not attended school on a full time basis since September of last year! Kayleigh was a high honors student. The headaches!!!!!! The anxieties!!!!!!! The concussion!!!!!!

Have you noticed I use a lot of exclamation points when I write about my Kayleigh!!!! It is because we have almost gone crazy trying to help her get her mind and life back! She lost most of her friends, why because she had been an athlete since she was a little bumpkin. Yes we were the stereotypical family, when she stepped on that court we saw something no one else has ever experienced in the history of basketball!

There are also many blanks to fill in, the number of neurologist, the medications (side effects more depleting) the psychologists.......

Back to my finding you. I spoke to my husband about developing some type of head gear for children. So that no other child should have to go through was Kayleigh has suffered through! I spoke to her the other day about a vision I had, a company that we would call "Head Games" and the product would not be called a helmet or a head band it would be called a KAYLEE, like Velcro ,Kleenex all the words that are automatically capitalized when you go to type them on your I pad! Why are they capitalized, because they are a way of life, just as your product should be. No child should be allowed to play a contact sport without your product. I know we have lived it! Why isn't this mandated! Like car seats!

I would like very much to speak to you. My nephew and his wife are marketing geniuses, Kayleigh has her story, maybe we can put the product behind the story! Would you consider selling your product to me at a lesser price and maybe we can try a different marketing strategy??? I think your product is brilliant....... Your body is nothing without your brain!!!! My god for every parent this should be the mantra!!! And you have a solution!!!

Also, one of Kayleighs doctors is Dr. William Meehan Head of Sports Concussion at Children's Hospital Boston and Harvard! I know he would be in huge support of your product!

One of the most important books I ever read was about Steve Jobs life. The most important part of who he became was his belief in a "Think Tank". In order to promote a product that is extraordinary you need many minds to perpetuate the process!

This should be in every sport, in every country, on every child if parents and the hierarchy truly care!!!

I look forward to hearing from you,
L. P.

Hi Carl,
I have been a youth basketball coach for 25 years and during our first game of the season, my 8th grade player lost her footing and crashed to the floor. What seemed at the time to be a minor head bang resulted in a concussion and tests revealed a hairline skull fracture. It is still unknown when she will return to participate with the team. This incident caused me some sleepless nights and after speaking with her Dad, I went online to research protective head gear. In the short time since my kids have graduated from youth sports, new products have come to market to protect against head injury. It may have taken 25 years for a player of mine to sustain a serious injury – but thinking of how this could have impacted a life that was in my care, has been a tremendous weight and I’d like to take action to prevent another similar incident.

Ironically a few years ago, my basketball league began distributing kneepads to the kids in the league. If I have my way, we will add Forcefield headbands to go along with the uniforms and kneepads we currently provide to our players. I will be showing your headbands to our league coordinator this weekend and I have already sent an email to the parents of my players urging them to purchase your product. I was amazed that I couldn’t find any protective head gear at our local Dick’s Sporting Goods store or the indoor soccer store – are these people living under a rock? I have to believe that every parent would want their kid wearing a protective headband.

Thank you for providing a solution to my problem.
All my best,
Coach J.

Thank-you for sending the ForceField FF Protective Sweatband to us. This is our third one and we have been very happy with your product.

H. C.

Good morning Mr. Abraham,
Thanks for the follow-up. Looking for an approved head protection for my daughter, I found your product. The fact that it is recognized by so many organizations made me believe that I found the right product to protect my daughter from having more concussions.

On top of that, it looks great (i.e. better than the other ones available on the market) my daughter says. Girls...

Thanks for this discovery and helping players around the world enjoying their game in a safe manner.

Waiting to see my daughter's comments.
Have a great day.
D. D.

I've been using Forcefield headbands for 5 years ever since my older son started playing team sports when he was 4 for soccer, flag football and basketball. I think its a great product and its become his trademark and he doesn't even think about wearing it.

Thank you. I can't wait to get your product. I purchased 2, one for my high school age daughter who plays basketball and one for my 9 year old daughter for this softball season and the next soccer season. My high school daughter had a significant concussion last season and I want to do all I can to reduce another one. Thank you for inventing such a promising product!

I ordered this for baseball. My son is 13 and currently recovering from concussion. Wish I had known about the product before. I'm hoping to encourage the rest of the team to get them too. They can be worn under a baseball cap?
Ms. R

Dear Ms. R
The independent test data documents that the ForceField FFTM Protective Headgear, when placed under the baseball batting helmet, increases the absorbtion and dissipation of impact forces by over 35%. The baseball cap offers no safety with regards to impact forces.

Our headgear is not designed to withstand the impact to the head from a baseball. It is only effective when used under the batting helmet.
Very truly yours
Dr. C. J. Abraham

Thank you for your email! We are excited and look forward to receieving your headband soon for our daughter. We were introduced to it via a presentation of a young boy about head injuries and using your product as a solution. It convinced us. There is a huge need in our community and with all the sports our kids are involved in. Any need for a sales rep out west, Portland, Oregon area? :)

Thank you again for your email. We look forward to receiving your headband soon.
K. T.

Thanks Dr. Abraham and Valerie!

I placed an order this afternoon. I’m glad you invented this product! It will help many have a peace of mind in helping protect children and adults.
M. A.

I am very excited to have my daughter try her headband at practice tonight. I am also anxious to share information and samples with my coaches that I work with.

Thanks so much for the samples to try. As an athletic trainer and a parent I really applaud all the work being done in this area.

Thank you for offering such a product. I bought these for my teenage daughter after she had suffered her second concussion.

I have seen other types of head protection that looks too much like a helmet or has a look that is not appealing. Your product combines protection with an attractive appearance. It is non intrusive. I think that is important to girls. My daughter goes to an all girls school and the soccer team is currently ranked 4th in the nation.

I had mentioned to the coaches that they should consider using a protective headguard for the girls. At another high profile high school here in town, it is mandatory for the girls to wear them.

My daughter has had 2 concussions since last April and I know now that if she were better protected at the time of those injuries, that the concussions and after concussion symptoms may have been lessoned.

Thank you for your product,
J. A.

My daughter loves the headbands. She has been wearing them for almost 2 years. Many of her friends wear them now.

Thanks for a great affordable product.
J. H.

I thought you might be interested to know that I purchased your product on the recommendation of our pediatrician, who recommended it for our daughter who is a competitive figure skater. She tends to fall on places other than her head, but we decided to be cautious, at least for practice sessions. The other two that we ordered are for her younger brothers who are hockey and soccer players.

Your product will ease my worries. Their brains are so much more important than sports.
A. K.

I recently received my new headband and wanted to let you know how happy I am with it. I fell many years ago and hit my head on the ice and have been extremely cautious since then.

I am a 55-yr. old figure skater and hated the thought of wearing a helmet. I skate with many over-50 men and women and have told a few of them about the headband. I like it because it has the necessary protection, is narrow enough so it doesn't fall into my eyes, and I don't need a bulky helmet (hat hair not so good!)

I am going to post your business card on the bulletin board at my rink which is the Thayer Arena in Warwick, RI. Hopefully other skaters will take advantage of your great product.

Thanks again for a great product.
P. G.

Thank you so much for the information you sent. I purchased your headband for my granddaughter who sustained a concussion nearly 7 weeks ago.

She was followed closely by her physician and her trainer and has been cleared to play again. She is a basketball player. She has been on her varsity basketball team since the 8th grade and is very talented, yet her concussion does worry me.

I certainly hope your headband will give her the protection she needs to continue to play the sport she loves so much. For sure, I will be purchasing more of your headbands in the future to be sure she is protected at all times. She is currently in the 10th grade and does plan on playing basketball when she goes to college, so you will have me as a customer for some time to come.

Again, thank you for the information and thank you for developing this headband to protect my granddaughter.
D. H.

We purchased the ForceField headbands at the start of this season because of the amount of playing time we lost to concussions last year. This season, no players lost game time due to concussions, so the headbands were a good investment.

B. K.

My son wore the ForceField FF headband to a tournament this weekend. Lots of great comments. His teammates (especially their parents) loved it! May end up being a standard for the team ....


I am very pleased with the quality of the headband. It’s soft, yet provides good protection. My daughter, Emma, plays elite level U12 soccer, and your headband gives her the confidence to play physical soccer, while protecting her from head injury.

Thanks for having a great product at a great price! I have already recommended the headband to the whole team…
B. M.

After my daughter suffered a concussion last winter, I researched protective head gear for soccer and decided upon your product. I cannot say enough about what a great experience using your headband has been for her. We are so impressed that I have now offered to supply them to her high school team for fall if the head coach will make them mandatory.

I thank you and best regards,
N. S.

My 11 year daughter has been using the headband for 2 years. She plays club soccer and I am terrified of concussions. So far we have had no issues. If they start wearing them at a young age, they get used to it - it becomes a habit. I tell everyone I know to start their kids early and require them. I just bought three more to store in our house so we never run out.


Hi... my daughter is 10 and has used these headbands for several years now and we love them.

Thank you!
M. M.

My 12 year old daughter plays soccer at a very competitive level. After reading in the paper about concussions, and after reading your website, I decided that a $10 investment is more than justified!

Thank you, again! I will be in touch…
B. M.

Thank you so much, we are so excited to implement these with the team! After watching my daughter successfully head several soccer balls last night in a game it brings so much relief to know that she is wearing hers to minimize the potential for injury.

Best Regards
N. S.